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Attn: Non-Medical Home Care Providers

  • Tuesday, May 25, 2021 8:06 AM
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    In this time of a major caregiver shortage, Non-Medical Home Care Companies are all relying on each other for help in covering referrals. We are no longer competitors, but partners. We are all in the same boat, and our common goal is to just find help for families.  This has made for some great collaboration, but it can also be a lot of work, trying to find coverage. We are spending hours on the phone with our non-medical partners trying to see who can accept an urgent referral. Sometimes, hours are spent  just trying to find out, “Who covers that part of town?”

    Please join us at a Non-Medical Home Care Summit. At this meeting, we would all provide the areas we cover, any special products we offer, (like 1 or 2 hour service levels) and our strengths. Then, anyone who agrees will be put on a text chain. Example: You get a referral for Blanchester OH, and you can send one text with the details and see who bites. This would be so much better than calling around for hours.

    We would love to do this in person, if you are all open to that. We have a room on June 1st at 2:00 at Great Oaks Scarlett Oaks campus in Sharonville OH. This should be fairly central for everyone. Please invite your non-medical home care partners.

    A meeting notice, with all of the instructions on where to go at the school will be send by Friday, May 28th.

    We will take notes and  put together spread sheets of everything about which we talk, so we can share it. Bring 20 business cards to share, please.

    As of right now, Great Oaks is asking us to wear masks, but that may change by June 1st.

    If you have ideas to share or concerns, don’t hesitate to call Mary Mendel, Family Bridges on her cell phone at 513-519-8022.

    Hopefully, with the new unemployment rules coming out, we will see big changes in our caregiver pools by end of summer. Until then, we are proud to call you all partners.


    Mary H. Mendel

    Family Bridges Home Care

    Community Liaison

    Office: 513.531.9600 or (937) 312-9533

    Direct Line/Mobile: 513.519.8022

    Cincinnati Office:

    8372 Reading Rd. Cinci, OH 45237

    Dayton Office:

    93 W Franklin St. #206 Centerville, OH 45459

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